Paul Rudd, 'certified young person,' urges millennials to wear masks

Brunilde Fioravanti
Settembre 16, 2020

The two-minute video follows Rudd, skateboard in hand, as he shows off some TikTok-worthy dance moves and explains that because young people are responsible for much of COVID-19's spread, he wanted to show that wearing a mask can be "totally beast".

There is a moment where Rudd breaks character to yell about how easy it is to just, you know, wear a freaking mask. Actor Paul Rudd has teamed up with First We Feast and the State of NY to address the problem in a PSA video targeted at millennials.

"A few days ago I was talking on the iPhone with my homey Governor Cuomo and he's just going off about how us millennials need to wear masks", the star said.

Paul Rudd plays a "certified young person" in a new video urging millennials and other young people to wear masks. Paul Rudd is here to remind his "fellow millennials" that, while you may not feel like you're harming anybody by strolling along without a face covering, you could be asymptomatic and end up causing irreparable harm. "So slide that into your DMs and Twitch it".

Rudd then "took a call" from singer Billie Eilish, who said she was wearing a mask. "Hundreds of thousands of people are dying, and it's preventable", he said. I shouldn't have to make it fun.

"No cap", the actor added to prove that he was a definite Young Person™️ who was telling the truth. College kids coming back from college, they all want to have a party, they all want to drink.

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