Super Mario 3D All-Stars shows its main menu

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Settembre 16, 2020

The Japanese gaming company announced it would re-release Game & Watch, the handheld sensation that put Nintendo on the map 40 years ago. Each device only has one built-in game, which led in a series of 59 black & white games. Players interested in the title can already proceed with the pre-order: in this regard, we remind you that Super Mario 3D All-Stars is still available on Amazon Italy. It also retains the alarm clock feature which in the tap of a button will show 35 different screen-saver scenes of Mario interacting with the clock.

Following the Game & Watch's success, Nintendo also released the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy in 1985 and 1989, respectively.

Super Mario 35, and Nintendo is celebrating!

Game & Watch wasn't as famous as Nintendo's other gaming systems, but it was the first system to feature a +-shaped directional pad, first discovered on the "Donkey Kong" Game & Watch in 1982. In fact, this is nothing new, as in my own experience of retail work, the allocation of Nintendo products was often a dice roll, particularly when it came to holiday releases.

Now Game & Watch is drawing attention.

The company has been shed tears of its recent relaunch.

All three of the classic Super Mario Bros. games in this collection are featuring HD resolution.

A console as innovative as Nintendo Wii had to offer a gameplay adapted to motion control, something that happened with Super Mario Galaxy, which completes the trio of games included in this compilation.

Now it's Game & Watch's turn in the spotlight. The 40th Anniversary Edition of Game & Watch is on limited sale November 13th.

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